Fancy coming along to Lemonfest 2016 for free?


Who doesn’t like the idea of attending your favourite local festival for free? Well, here’s exactly how you could be getting your hard earned cash back on a ticket for this years’ Lemonfest…

Litter is a pain in the arse, isn’t it? It just seems to get everywhere, at all times. We need a team of around 10 – 15 dedicated party goers / volunteers to come and help out with the clear up on Sunday 5th June at Newton Abbot Racecourse.

In return for just 4 hours of your time, we will give you a cash refund your festival ticket – simples.

Not only will you get to attend a festival for free, but you’ll feel bloody ace about helping out a bit too. Plus, fresh air is good for a hangover.

Fancy it? Then all you have to do is email us on and we’ll send you some more information on when and where you’re needed.

We expect demand to be pretty high for this, so if you don’t hear back from us then we’re very sorry! We only need a medium sized team to come down this year, but we will keep your information on record for Lemonfest 2017.

Much love,